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NR439 Week 8 Discussion

This is a graded discussion: 50 points possible

Week 8: Where Do You Go From Here?

Improving patient outcomes is paramount to healthcare improvement today.
  1. How has your thinking changed about nursing research and evidence- based practice as the result of this course?
  2. Will the information you learned during this course be helpful in your nursing role today?


Welcome to Week 8!!

I am happy for you to be moving one step closer to your BSN degree. Many of you are getting very close to being done with your degree. I have enjoyed having you all in my class. I truly hope that you have learned some insight that will follow you in your wonderful nursing career. Challenges are everywhere in nursing. Those that have had the enlightenment associated with EBP will stand with you and assist you with positive evidence-based changes.

The course outcome for this week is:
***Recognize the role of research findings in evidence-based practice. (POs 7 and 8)

Rebecca Taulbee EdD, MSN, MBA-HCA, RN

Professor and Class,

It has been wonderful working with you all during this class.

To answer the questions for this week, I will have to say that first I do believe that my thinking has changed about nursing and evidence-based research. I think before this class; I didn’t put too much thought into how a nurse’s research question or interest in a certain area of study could potentially help shape the practice in their facility. But since starting this class, I’ve begun to understand how much more my pivotal my role in the research aspect of my job can be. I also believe the information I’ve learned will help me in my nursing role today. I think the biggest take away from the class is how to properly analyze a research study. I also figured out how interested I am in learning more about postpartum depression and how to help women realize that the condition is not something to be embarrassed about and that seeking treatment is the better solution than trying to work through it themselves. While doing research for many of our discussion questions and assignments, I found myself reading extra research to learn more about studies conducted on screening and education.

Once again, I’ve really enjoyed this class and I wish everyone good luck with their remaining courses.

Kimberly M.


I am so happy for you. You have a pivotal role in affecting patient care and nursing practice. This class is so important and I consider it an honor to help all of you to understand the impact of EBP on the future of healthcare. Good luck to you in the future.

Dr. Taulbee


   I also found myself reading other articles which were interesting. We as nurses can make a difference, we do every day and to know the impact we can have on research is a great take away from this class. It is great to know you are going to look more into postpartum depression. A new baby can cause an upheaval in a family’s routine. I believe we all need to be more aware of this and be there to assist new mothers.

Best wishes forward on this research and  our future, Audrey


Thank you for your comments. You are right, a baby can cause an upheaval in a family’s routine and in life period. Not to mention the changes our bodies go through. I find it unfortunate that mental health disorders are still such a taboo subject in some parts of our society and that there are still people that believe the disorders are made up or “not that bad.” Those kinds of thoughts are what make it even harder for a mother to admit she may be battling with PPD. Hopefully, those kinds of stigmas will be erased in the coming years.

Best wishes to you as well!

Kimberly M.

Instructor and class,

Spruce (2015) indicates that using evidence-based methods and performing ongoing research is only going to help our profession to continue to excel within the health care arena.  As I take on my future role in nursing, I believe that the valuable information and the research skills that I gained during this course are of immense significance. I would make an emphasis on the actualization of my skills in the area of conducting research in medical, healthcare, and nursing databases on-line. Not only have I expanded the number of databases I operate to find satisfying results along with the searching skills, but I came to understand the differences between different types of research studies and various translation documents such as meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, systematic research reviews, clinical practice guidelines, and care protocols. I have to confess that earlier, I questioned myself why this article is identified as the case study and that one as the meta-analysis in the research database. As I covered the material of this course, I am glad to reflect on the newly received knowledge that helps me to differentiate between different types of research studies, evaluate their external validity and their advantages, and understand their limitations. These are the skills that will be of critical importance in my future work as a nursing professional. To illustrate how I am going to apply the new knowledge, I would mention an example from my nursing practice. A problem with one of the patients I worked with became the reason of my concerns and general discouragement at work. The client was uncooperative and his relatives were unmotivated to participate in facilitation of the treatment process. Those days, I spent much time on the research of that problem. However, now with this new way of thinking and new abilities, I am confident it will be much easier for me to ensure personal and customer satisfaction in such cases by handling such complicated situations effectively (Houser, 2015).


Houser, J. (2015). Nursing research: Reading, using and creating evidence (3rd ed.). Denver, C.O.: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Spruce, L. (2015). Back to basics: Implementing evidence-based practice. Association of Operating Room Nurses.AORN Journal, 101(1), 106-114. doi: 10.1016/j.aorn.2014.08.009

Dear Yenisleydi,

Remember that research skills come with time. Don’t get upset if you still have to work harder to understand research studies. My recommendation is to purchase the hard copy of the Houser book. Houser is a great reference when reading the research. Good luck to you in the future.

Dr. Taulbee


I too have a hard time with the research. I found myself doing so much reading and only able to understand it barely. Towards the end it got a bit easier. I think Professor had a great idea and I also might get a hard copy of our text. Good luck with your next class and in the future.


Hello Yenisleydi,

I enjoyed your post.  EBP is certainly beneficial in shaping the health policy and in contributing to the global healthcare. It uncovers knowledge that establishes a foundation for clinical practice and reinforces the prevention of disease and disability, management of symptoms and illness and in enhancing end-of-life care. It results in positive outcomes for not only the patents but also others operating within the healthcare system.

Good luck in your future endeavors!


Professor and class,

It has been a pleasure taking this class. Being part of the Quality team at my facility I have appreciated this opportunity to learn more about the research process. It has helped me to be an integral part of my team. I look forward to taking the knowledge I have gained from the research I have read this semester and apply to my quality council meetings as the topics are so relevant to what process improvement projects we are focusing on now. I have also learned something about myself. I learned that I can help to improve patient outcomes even in my Clinical Informatics role. I though when I took this position I would be working with the providers more. But as the year has passed in this role I have learned to help nursing with implementing EBP into the order sets to help them be efficient in the care they provide to our patients.

Thank you!

Tricia Cole

Dear Tricia,

I believe that nurses can make a difference no matter what role we are in. That is the great thing about being a nurse. I started being interested in EBP in a quality council back around the year 2000. You and the class have been handed a gift for our profession. Good luck to you!

Dr. Taulbee

Good evening Professor and classmates

Wow 8 weeks are already gone.I would like to thank you all for expanding my knowledge and helping me through this course.I think my thinking has changed in the way that by using Evidence base practices,the patients outcomes are more positive and safer.I think I will continue to use research to introduce changes in policies and procedures.Good luck to you all and continue to be great nurses.

Improving patient outcomes is paramount to healthcare improvement today.

How has your thinking changed about nursing research and evidence- based practice as the result of this course?

Will the information you learned during this course be helpful in your nursing role today?


Dr. Taulbee and Class,

According to our text, “The practice of nursing is deeply rooted in nursing knowledge, and nursing knowledge is generated and disseminated through reading, using, and creating nursing research. Professional nurses rely on research findings to inform their practice decisions; they use critical thinking to apply research directly to specific patient care situations. The research process allows nurses to ask and answer questions systematically that will ensure that their decisions are based on sound science and rigorous inquiry” (Houser, 2018).

Throughout this course, I have learned how important research is in evidence-based practice. It is much easier to promote and adapt to change when you have evidence to back up the proposal. It is more feasible that I will use a medication or product, if I have been provided proof that it works and have knowledge about potential side effects.

The information that I learned this past 8 weeks will certainly prove beneficial for me throughout my career. I will consider whether what we are doing is indeed evidenced-based, and seek to find more information that is available on the topics. “Searching for evidence and reading research reports are skills that will serve you well throughout your nursing career, and just like any skill, practice improves performance” (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2017).

Dr. Taulbee, thank you so much for your tutelage. Class, it has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Happy Holidays!!!!



Chamberlain College of Nursing. (2017). NUR439 RN Evidence-based practice. Week 8: Implementing EBP “Where do you go from here?” [Online lesson]. Downers Grove, IL: DeVry Education Group.

Houser, J. (2018). Nursing Research: Reading, Using and Creating Evidence, 4th Edition. [Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from

Dear Germaine,

Thanks for all your hard work in the class. I hope you continue to use EBP in your practice setting and share your knowledge with your peers. All nurses have a responsibility to use and understand the role of EBP. This knowledge is pivotal to the future of nursing practice.

Good Luck to You!

Dr. Taulbee

Professor and class,

PO 7: “Practices in established professional roles consistent with entry-level BSN graduates to provide cost-effective, quality healthcare to consumers in structured and unstructured settings.”

In reading our textbook,  I was looking at what EBP was not. It is not nursing theory. (Houser,2018)Most nurses you speak with today will tell you “this is how we have always done it.” Nursing is a profession, a science and an art.  And like most theories, it is ever changing. This is so enlightening! I look at these opportunities to say than let’s look at some research and find what really is working, not what we have always done.  And let’s implement what works, for our patients.

As an almost BSN graduate I am so interested in how I can effect change. In my new role I work with the providers mostly. But I have found myself looking to want to work with the nursing committees to see how the knowledge I have gained from this class can help build on my implementation of evidenced-based practice. I want to bring that knowledge to my colleagues so we can change the culture of “this is how we always have done things.” This is especially true for our new nurses that are coming out of school. And to be able to encourage them to continue to be curious, hungry for knowledge and to want to make a difference.

Houser, J. (2018). Nursing research: Reading, using, and creating evidence (4th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

Hello Patricia,

     I agree with you that as an almost BSN graduate I am very interested in how I can effect change. This course has been very enlightening for me.  I have gained greater perspective on what it means to find research and use research in my daily nursing practice.  In fact, I have found myself looking at the things I do daily, and asking myself questions about how it could be made better or why we do things a certain way.  Just like our lesson talks about facilitators to nurses using EBP, I work with a great staff who is supportive of change (CCN, 2017).  Overall, I am pleased with my personal gains from this course.  The information from this course is absolutely useful in my nursing practice.  To be able to ask yourself a question and then conduct research to see what data is available on the topic is very valuable.  It allows us to stay updated on latest practices and expand our knowledge and skills.




Chamberlain College of Nursing. (2017). NUR439 RN Evidence-based practice. Week 8: Implementing EBP “Where do you go from here?” [Online lesson]. Downers Grove, IL: DeVry Education Group.


I could not ask for more. How exciting for nursing!

Dr. Taulbee

Good afternoon Lilliam

I enjoyed reading your post.You sound very passionate about your role in nursing.I agree that I find myself looking at what can be done differently to improve our patients outcomes.Also with this class it has taught me to look at the big picture is there any EBP that we can use in patient care.My goal is to continue to use EBP and research articles to educate co workers.Good luck in the future !



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