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Welcome to Week 8!


Students have a responsibility to maintain the academic integrity of DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management and to meet the highest standards of academic conduct as stated in the Student Handbook (Links to an external site.). Any student found in violation of these expectations is subject to the sanctions as stated in the Academic Integrity Policy.

By selecting the “Take the quiz” button, I verify

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  • I will refrain from discussing this exam with anyone other than my professor or a designated DeVry University representative and;
  • I will adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy standards outlined in the Student Handbook.


The Final Exam will be administered in the Canvas environment. The Final Exam is an open book and open notes exam.

The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the “Submit quiz” button by then, you will be exited from the exam automatically.

Your answers will be auto-saved as you complete each question. This helps prevent connection timeouts that might occur with certain Internet service providers, and it also minimizes lost answers in the event of connection problems. If your Internet connection does break, when you reconnect you will normally be able to get back into your Final Exam without any trouble. Just click on the “Resume quiz” button to continue. Remember, though, that the exam timer continues to run while you are disconnected, so you should try to log in again as quickly as possible. The Help Desk cannot grant any student additional time on the exam—students must contact the instructor.

After the exam is graded and returned to you, the Final Exam score and the instructor’s feedback will be available; please contact your instructor if you would like to discuss your results. Please be aware that the Final Exam questions, responses, and solutions will not be available.


Class, looking back over the Course Objectives for this course, what are you looking forward to learning more about throughout your education and career?
Hello classmates and Professor!! I am looking forward to using my expanded knowledge base that I have obatined over the past eight weeks. It will be an asset to be able to discuss politics, if I feel the need, but mostly it is nice to have a greater view on our world today. I may not always agree with the ways things are handled in our world however if there’s anything I’ve learned from this course, it’s that there are many things out of our immediate control but if we plan ahead, we may be able to change or even work towards change in the long run.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kandice. Taking the “long view” toward politics does help put current events into perspective and provide a basis for analysis based on the history of politics.

Thanks for taking the course!

Students, we covered a lot of ground together these past 8 weeks! In reviewing the TCOs (shown below) for this course, there are many subjects regarding political science that can be explored even further.

What particular area(s) did you enjoy most, and which will you be likely to be most involved in with your career or your personal interests?

1Given an outline of the most common objections, construct an effective argument for the importance of the study of politics in everyday life.

2Given descriptions of the various forms of democracy, from Athenian to present-day democracies, evaluate which form of democracy best provides for the social and national stability of the people.

3Given a synopsis of the role of interest groups and political parties in the political realm, analyze their impact on electoral success, and compare their prospects in the U.S. to their relative success in countries with proportional representation.

4Given a carefully-drawn case on a contentious subject, such as physician-assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, or genetic engineering, develop a legal opinion grounded in (U.S.) constitutional reasoning.

5Given an outline of the structure of the Parliament and the Monarch in England, compare and contrast their institutional dynamics to those of the Presidency and the Congress in the U.S.

6Given an outline of the essential features of social and liberal democracies, compare and contrast these systems with the features of socialism and communism.

7Given an analysis of U.S. economic history, assess the role that the economy plays within U.S. politics, and formulate an argument for expanding or cutting U.S. entitlement programs.

8Given a debate context, evaluate the provisions of treaty-created organizations such as the UN, NATO, NAFTA, and the EU, and support a position on the question of effectiveness of such organizations.

9Given an example of a state in turmoil, evaluate the effectiveness of using violence as a political strategy, and assess its impact on legitimacy.

Professor and class,

I have enjoyed this class a lot, it forced me to research political subjects that I would get more information on hear say than facts. Like welfare, and other entitlement programs. Although I have less faith in the news now than before which says a lot. I enjoyed learning that the parliament system in the UK and the Congressional system in the U.S. is not as different as I had previously thought. They have minor differences, but the basic setup is close with the 2 houses.

I also learned a lot about treaties with researching about NAFTA, NATO, and the EU. I have a much better understanding of what lead to BREXIT now and why it was such a big deal in Europe. This course taught me that as much as I thought I knew about politics, there is so much more to learn. I also learned what a major role politics plays in our daily lives whether we know it or not. I also feel I can deal with these political situations better. I will also pay better attention to the hot topics on the news and read more about them to stay more informed. I also have a better understanding on how to help the nursing world as far as local and national policies are always changing. I also have a better understanding of how policies work.

Thank you all for the wealth of information provided in our discussions.

Professor and class,

I believe that the knowledge I have gained over the last eight weeks will benefit me in my future career studies as well as life in general. I didn’t, and still wouldn’t consider myself politically savvy by any means, but at least now I have more of an idea as to what terms are and how they affect our daily lives in obvious or even more inconspicuous ways.

Looking over the Course Objectives, some topics that I am looking forward to learning more about throughout my education and career would have to be continued expansion on CO #1 and how politics always play a part in our lives and how we should be somewhat aware of what that actually means. CO #4 mentions the topic of physician-assisted suicide which is something that might come up in my nursing education as well as when I’m working as a nurse and dealing with the public. And lastly, CO #7 talks about ‘entitlement programs’ and how that plays a part in our society today. Since I will be working with many different kinds of people who come from different backgrounds and financial situations, I will come across people who do receive assistance from the state (a form of ‘entitlement programs’) and now I have a bit more knowledge on what this means for their situation as well as how to advocate for them the best I can.

This class wasn’t easy for me as a whole, but I enjoyed learning more about our political world as there is no way to escape what it does to our every day lives. Good and bad. Politics are a huge part of what makes the world go round and what makes society successful or dysfunctional all the same.

Hi Professor,

By far this has been a challenging class for me, which in turn I have been applying myself the whole 8 weeks. I have learned a lot about politics and I can honestly say now I understand a lot when watching politics on television. I am now interested in politics and want to learn more and also about different religions. Maybe travel and explore different places to understand and to keep myself interested in the matter. Thank you Professor.


I can so relate with you.  This has been my mot challenging class so far and I have learned so much.  I too can resignate a bit more when watching the news.


Professor Terwillinger and Classmates:

This has been a very enlighten 8-week course.  I have never really given politics a thought in my life.  I have voted in every election both local and national and have tried to give my best-educated vote.  Now that I have spent these weeks in reading, research, and discussion.  I have a better understanding of the process that our world is going through.  The understanding of violence to get a point across to a group, to treaties that sometimes doesn’t mean anything, to the programs that each and every one of us is entitled to have.  It has been an excellent oversight and will help me as I move on in life.

There are several of our TCO that I hope to get better educated on, these are:

  1. The discussion, laws, and interest in same-sex marriage. I have several friends that are in relationships with people of the same sex.  I belong to a church that is “Open and Affirming” and welcomes people of all type.  This is life and if people love each other, it should not matter who they love and want to live with.  They should have the same rights that you and I do in a heterosexual relationship.
  2. The looking at the programs of entitlement. I am about 7 years away from the age that I can start to receive some benefits from the programs that are in place.  I must educate myself and my wife to better understand the benefits and the rights we have with these programs. We all have paid for them and I pray that they will be there for my children as well.
  3. Then violence, it is something that is always going to be in the process of political strategy. People are to protest because they do not understand something to the fullest, or they do understand it.  Unfortunately, the wrong people are going to get hurt or killed in the process of making a point.

Like I stated before it was an excellent 8 weeks that I have had to share with each and every one of you.  It is unfortunate that it is only online that we have met, but I have enjoyed the excellent conversations that we have had in our discussion. Peace and goodwill in this season of joy.  May your political knowledge grow. Until we are together again.


Professor and Class:

This has been a great course and I have learned so much politics wise.  I am very disconnected for politics so this was a tougher course for me.  Politics in healthcare is a real issue and in my role, the impact from the Federal Government with pay for performance is something I deal with daily.  This course helped me a bit with the different sides in politics an some of the foundations I was previously lacking.  I am encouraged now to learn more as I grow in my career.


 Looking back over the Course Objectives for this course, what are you looking forward to learning more about throughout your education and career?

     In looking specifically at the COs, I enjoyed learning about Parliament and its inner workings and how it relates to the monarchy. I had a vague idea of how a parliamentary system works, but now I have more specifics. I can see how this form of government evolved in Europe and also how it would be an abysmal failure in our country. I have a new appreciation for the presidential and congressional form of government.

Something that stood out to me throughout this course is how well defined the various forms of government rule around the world have become. There are a limited number of types of true government. They may fall into different classes, some work better in certain cultures, but they appear to be limited in number. Other loosely defined forms of rule is merely thinly veiled anarchy. It took me a while to realize that these forms of rule (government systems) are the result of human behavior. Not just human behavior, but the propensity of humans to fall into certain patterns when forming hierarchies. These patterns eventually become a type of rule, or type of government (leadership style), that we see demonstrated in countries around the world today. I believe that we can use what we learn in this course to be better nurses, as we realize that humans tend to be creatures of habit and follow certain patterns, not only in personal or health behavior, but also in politics.

Thank You,


Professor Terwilliger and Class,

     I want to thank you, professor Terwilliger, for your guidance and professionalism throughout this course. I already see the practical application of the learning in this course, as I watch the news and as I interact with both patients and co-workers. This course has helped me to make better sense of a sometimes senseless world.

And to my classmates, I want to thank you for your fabulous posts. I have learned much from what you have shared. I truly enjoyed our interaction throughout this course and am proud to be associated with the nursing leaders of the future.

As for me, this is my last posting at DeVry (Chamberlain) as this, along with HIST-405, were the last 2 courses I needed for graduation. (I did my curriculum kinda backwards – completing the core nursing courses first and then finishing the general education requirements). So, in a few weeks, I should be getting a valuable piece of paper in the mail (Hint – It’s a BSN). I’m looking forward to seeing the mailman, and look forward to maybe coming across some of you in a professional capacity sometime in the future ….

Keep on Loving & Keep on Learning …


It has been very informative reading and interacting.  There is always a lot to learn in politics and in life. I feel if we do not learn anything every day, we are not alive. Keep up the excellent work and like you said: “Keep on Loving and Keep on Learning.”  Until our paths cross again. PEACE!


Congratulations on your BSN!!!

Travis & Rory,

Thanks for the kind words …  It has been a pleasure working alongside you throughout this semester and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts …  I wish you all the best … Take Care & God Bless …


Hi everyone!

I surprised myself and really enjoyed this class. I look forward to understanding politics a little better and expanding on the foundation I received over the last 8-weeks. Everyone’s posts were respectful and thought provoking, something which I did not think could occur in politics.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Amber Henderson

  • Hello Professor and Classmates, 

    This class has proven to be more challenging than my nursing classes. We use democracy daily in my nursing career. This class has given some clarity to various voting systems and differences in options as well.


    I could not agree with you more. Challenging is an understatement. I have never taken a class of this nature before but I have found Political Science to be interesting and informative.

    I remember in the first week reading and learning that politics affects almost every aspect of our lives. I said “yeah right”.

    Eight weeks later agree 100%. A lot more knowledgeable.

    Thank you

    Professor and class,

    Over the last eight weeks I have learned more of politics than I have over my entire life. I feel that this class has proven beneficial on a personal level. It has sparked an interest for me to be better informed about our government and I can see myself digging deeper into politics than I ever thought I would. I have enjoyed everyone’s input in our weekly discussions and found the varying opinions refreshing. Overall, I think we all have the same mindset when it comes to our government- to have what is best for our great country and all those that inhabit it. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all.


    Classmates and Professor,

    I have learned a lot the past eight weeks. There were things that I knew somewhat, and things I have never known before. This has helped open my eyes to see the political aspect in everyday life. It makes sense that politics plays a major role in my future career since the government has put its hand in the healthcare industry very heavily. I need to stay up-to-date with new legislature, and know what changes will affect me personally and professionally.


    I am looking forward to learning more about policy and politics. I believe our healthcare is an evolving organism and as healthcare providers, we can make a difference in its development. I really enjoyed this class and realize how much politics plays into how we distribute care, who gets it, when, and how. I feel I’ve gained a better understanding of how the world works at large and can be more effective when asking for policy changes in my organization. I plan on becoming more involved in my community and voting on issues that matter to me. Thank you for your conversations and thought-provoking questions asked during this course.


    Thanks everybody for your great comments!

    I learned a lot from you all this term, and based on your comments it appears you all had some great takeaways from this course.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. 


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