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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Define the concept of CPGs

Clinical practice guidelines can be described as suggestions planned to streamline patient care which are informed by the systematic audit of evidence and an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of alternative patient care options. (Steel et al., 2014). Instead of dictating a one-size-fits-all technique to patient care, CPGs provide an assessment of the potential benefits and harms of a specific treatment. This information allows the health care providers and physicians to choose the appropriate care for a particular patient based on their preferences.

Explain how CPGs are developed

The development of CPGs involves a series of steps with the first phase being the identification of the purpose, the scope, and targeted audience. The second phase includes the selection of a panel of guideline authors. Once the group of guideline authors has been selected, the next stage is the specification of the primary focused clinical questions which the recommendations will address. (Kredo et al., 2016). The fourth step is the identification of the relative benefits of the outcomes. After identifying the benefits, the next phase of the development of CPGs is the summarization of the evidence which supports each recommendation. The sixth step is the determination of the quality of available evidence. The seventh stage is the assessment of the desirable and undesirable effects of a particular course of action. The eighth step is the formulation of the recommendations including their strength. The last phase of the development process is the implementation and evaluation of the guidelines.

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Define uses of CPGs

CPGs are used to define, describe, and delineate parameters for the assessment, diagnosis, and care of particular clinical conditions. (Tharpe, Farley, & Jordan, 2017).
Additionally, they are also used to improve the quality of patient care, to enhance efficient use of resources and provision of systematic guidelines for physicians. (In Information Resources Management Association, 2016).


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