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How Nurses Can Inspire their Patients to Take Better Care of Themselves

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How Do Nurses Influence?

Did you know that nurses can inspire their patients to take better care of themselves? A nurses’ biggest task is giving care to their patients. This kind of care is not only limited to medical care but also touches on personal care. This in turn all comes together towards improving their lives and enabling better medical treatment for them. They say that the best nurses make their patients feel a special kind of connection that at times even helps them get better. There are several ways in which this can be achieved. 

  1. Formulating Individual Problem-Solving Techniques

As a nurse, you will be needed to care for different patients on a daily basis. Based on their individual backgrounds, some may feel inadequate or undeserving especially if they are poor. Recommending expensive food items to a patient who lacks proper meals on a daily basis due to poverty is disheartening. In this case, it is highly advisable to create a special bond with your patients in such a way that they are free to open up to you about what their home situation is like. Thereafter, you can recommend a change of lifestyle based on what is accessible to them. For instance, if they cannot afford to sign up for a gymnasium, you can encourage them to run around their neighborhood which is equally effective. They could also improvise milk or water gallons to act as weights which are ideal for strength training. 

  1. Delivering News in a Compassionate Manner

The fact that there is absolutely no good way to deliver bad news is the foundation to how nurses can inspire their patients to take better care of themselves. This is where things get difficult for nurses as this is often required in their line of duty. If your patient is overweight and their weight needs to be looked into in order to improve the quality of their lives, then do so in a compassionate manner. There are instances whereby nurses get to deliver bad news by giving a background story of themselves or people they know and how they overcame it. This way, the patient is assured that they are not alone hence the inspiration to take better care of themselves.

Being hard on them and making them feel like failures or outcasts will deteriorate their progress and discourage them from making active efforts in improving their help. It is also advisable to use gentle tones and take time while speaking to them. Don’t be in a rush to deliver bad news. 

  1. Follow Up with Patients

There is nothing as comforting when someone remembers and checks upon you. This is a strong indication that they care for you which can be very encouraging for patients. If your patient has been diagnosed with a certain condition, do your best to remember them when they come in for their appointments and take some time to know how they are fairing. You can also go a step higher to call them and let them know that you are thinking of them in the process of checking upon them. This way, the patients will be inspired to do better in taking care of themselves because they feel important and cared for. 

If a patient is diagnosed with a serious illness and walks in for their routine check-up appointments and not even the nurse present at that unfortunate time can remember them will take it hard. They may feel inadequate and question the importance of their existence. 

These are some of the most effective ways in which nurses can inspire their patients to take better care of themselves. If you are emphasizing the value of incorporating exercises in your daily routine, it would hold more water if you work out and observe a healthy lifestyle as well. It gives them something to reference which in turn acts as a motivator. Some of these tips are taught in nursing school but it takes practice to perfect them. 

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