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Flight nursing

How to Become a Flight Nurse

Are you looking to join flight nursing? Understanding what this field is all about is

the first step towards making an informed decision. A flight

nurse is a registered nurse who has specialised in the field of providing

comprehensive pre-hospital care, emergency critical care and hospital care to

flying patients.

Flight nurses are responsible for checking pulse rate, keeping

records, administering medication and performing medical procedures. Nurses usually perform procedures such as starting intravenous

lines, inserting breathing tubes and drawing blood. It’s also good if one has

motor skills since most flight nurses work for trauma cases. For a flight nurse

one must be able to make quick decisions. 

 What Are the Requirements of a Flight Nurse Do?

A flight or transport nurse job requirement can include the following: a minimum of 5 years of experience inICU/ED/Trauma, ability to work independently in a small space with other team

members, advanced critical care knowledge such as ventilator experience,

ability to work in varied shifts including overtime and 24/7 on-call rotation,

strong leadership skills and ability to communicate and work with a variety of

people even in stressful situations. It is also required that one has flight


 Can I Change My Specialty to Flight Nursing?

Registered Nurses willing to venture into flight nursing are

advised to start their careers in emergency or ICU units to gain the critical

care experience needed to become a transport nurse. Flight nurses can also work in civilian or military environments. Civilian flight nurses work for hospitals or private medical transport companies and they can also be employed by the government, fire departments or organizations meant for search and rescue operations. Based on the military side, flight nurses may work overseas or in the reserves.

 What are the Duties of Flight Nurses?

The duty of a flight nurse is to provide medical care to patients and assess them, organize and maintain patients’ records, provide first aid, maintain medical supplies and equipment on aircraft, may assist the pilot with radio communication and other tasks. They also assist patients get in and out of the aircraft safely, monitor pulse rates and communicate effectively with team members and patients.

In order to be a flight nurse, you will first need to earn a

bachelors in nursing. In order to officially become a registered nurse, you

will need to sit for and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for

Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) exam. This is a standardized test that states

regulatory boards use to determine if students are ready to become licensed


If you have a passion for nursing and helping others, work well

under pressure and can work closely with others in a dynamic environment,

a flight nurse career may be great for you. It is also advisable to earn your

Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) in order to get in the field fastest.

Once you have passed the exam and meet the board of nursing requirements in

your country, you are ready to start applying for jobs. Certification is not

really required for flight nurses, but it can help increase your income

potential and help you stay competitive in the job market. As a flight nurse,

you have a golden opportunity to encourage and comfort those in distress and

make fun of their life. 

Flight nursing is definitely a field worth venturing if you want to broaden your professional skills as well as your personal growth. Reading similar articles from knowledgeable nursing writers at is a great place to start. Remember, vast information is key towards making an informed professional decision. If you are about to get out of nursing school, you’ll be pleased to know that there is unending information for you at


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