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Healthy Snack Alternatives to Share in the Break Room

Are you looking for healthy snack alternatives to share in the break room? Let’s face it, most nurses tend to skip their lunches especially in the middle of long and exhausting shifts. This means that they mostly rely on snacks that they can have on the go. However, this means that the snacks they pack for themselves should be able to supply them with the energy to carry on with their day. There are certain snack options that all nurses should consider if they want to keep up with their shifts and have the mental alertness for productivity. 

Best Snack Options for Nurses

Nurses often pull long and exhausting shifts which may leave them without time for proper midday meals. In this case, they need to find quick snack options that will supply them with the energy to carry on their shifts. These snacks also need to keep their blood sugar in check as lack of it can lead to irritability, tiredness, lack of concentration, and even fatigue. 

  1. Protein bars

These snack bars are a top pick as they are filled with nuts and fruits which are digested slowly which keep off hunger pangs and slowly energize you for longer. However, you must consider the calories in the protein bar that you choose. It does you no good to eat a protein bar that loads you up with 500 calories. 

  1. Fruit

You can never go wrong with eating fruit. Not only are these delicious little gifts of nature tasty, but they are loaded with nutrients as well. Another thing with fruits, such as apples, oranges, and bananas is that they are filling hence guaranteed to keep hunger away and fuel you up for your shift. 

  1. Sandwich Wraps

This is a delicious snack option for nurses. However, store-bought wrapped sandwiches are heavily salted hence advisable to opt for homemade sandwich wraps. You can make a batch of tortilla wraps at home on your free day to last you throughout the week or simply buy some. Choose your ideal filling which can be; avocado, lean chicken or fish, and salad. Not only is this tasty but delicious as well. The energy from this will keep you energized throughout your shift. 

  1. Nuts

The best thing about nuts is that you can snack on them throughout the day yet end up feeling full and energized. Nuts, such as almonds are low on trans and saturated fats hence a healthy snack option. Pass them around to your fellow nurses in the breakroom and enjoy. 

  1. Shakes

Most nurses find it easier to sip as they go than actually sitting down to eat a meal. This is due to the limited time that they usually have. There is a wide variety of shakes to choose from depending on what you are looking to achieve. If you are on a diet, there is a variety of shakes that will facilitate this. The same case applies to those that are looking to add weight. The best thing about shakes is that you get to choose what to put in them, hence customized; fruits, nuts, veggies, milk, oats, honey and so much more. 

There are way more healthy snack alternatives to share in the break room for nurses. If you have the time, you can cook some mini oats or banana pancakes at home and snack on them throughout the day. The main idea is to eat healthy and energy-releasing snacks that will fill you up, boost your energy and keep you energized throughout your shift. 

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