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Ways to Improve Communication Between Nurses

Effective Communication in Nursing

Communication is vital for nurses as it affects the well-being of patients as well as improves the quality of care given. There are several guaranteed ways to improve communication between nurses. Although effective communication is taught in nursing school. A lot more of it is learned through experience. The more everyone puts effort into proper and effective communication, the smoother the work experience and the more productive you will be collective. 

Who Is Involved in Effective Communication Between Nurses?

Effective communication is largely promoted by the institution even though nurses and clinicians are highly encouraged to be active in the process. However, there are several aspects that this revolves around; 

  1. Nurse-nurse communication
  2. Administrators and nurse managers
  3. Nurse to patient and family communication
  4. Nurse and physician communication including fellow staff members

Tips on How to Make your Nurse Communication Effective

  1. Open Communication and Situational Awareness. Healthcare is very sensitive and could use all the communication that it could get. When staff collaborates, they go a long way in preventing errors, as well as the support of safe practices. It is also important to have a team that supports open communication within themselves hence efficacy and productivity. This also leaves little room for errors. 
  2. Use of Modern Communication Tools. Thanks to technology, there are highly effective and modern tools that are specifically designed to improve ways to communicate between nurses. Most of these tools can be downloaded by healthcare workers within a health facility that enables them to communicate with each other about patients and everything else in relation to their duties. 
  3. Adjustment Depending on Your Audience. As a nurse, you will be required to talk to your patients just as much as you talk to your colleagues. This means that you have to adjust your communication skills when talking to your patients and their families as they need more compassion and care. On the other hand, when communicating with your colleagues, you need to be short and precise while delivering the message. 
  4. Patient and Family Engagement. Studies show that patients and family members are able to make better and informed decisions when they are included right from the start. This way, when an error occurs, they are immediately informed and get to think of an alternative alongside the doctors. This has led to an increase in patient satisfaction. When they are included in the team, they feel empowered to support the doctors’ decisions and not fight them which makes work harder and delays prompt action towards achieving health goals. 
  5. Focus on Patient Handoffs. At the end of shifts, proper communication is called for when nurses hand over patients to nurses coming in the next shift. This is required in order to ensure that important information is communicated. The health professional receiving the information should ask questions as well to ensure that they understand and are capable of continuing to give care to the patient. 

In this case some of the most common tools to facilitate this include; I-PASS (Illness Severity, Patient Summary, Action List, Situation Awareness and Contingency Planning, Synthesis by Receiver) and SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation). These initials guide you to ask and go over the important details before patient handover. 

These are guaranteed ways to improve communication between nurses. The task of nurses in health centers is great and is said to be the invisible string that ties everything together. The better the communication between nurses and other staff members, the more productive and successful the institutions are. 


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