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Community Health Nursing

The spiritual considerations surrounding a disaster that can arise for individuals, communities, and health care providers

Based on this particular context, people require the support of spiritual-oriented care to overcome the after-impacts of a specific disaster. According to Kurnat-Thoma, El-Banna, Oakcrum & Tyroler (2017), it has been found that during any related disaster, various communities of persons and the different cross-sectional based persons are after the assistance of the spiritual oriented care.  On the same note, it is vital to mention that the associated faith institutions are posting added impact towards providing spiritual-oriented care to persons who are after the same. Spirituality, at the same, means the instance in which a person needs the support of exceptional human-based care. Puchalski (2001) said that spirituality is after assisting people in undergoing early recovery cases from any related scenario of trauma.

Relating to the time of the middle age, the leaders of the faith communities were serving active roles regarding the participation towards the management of disasters. For instance, they were ever after the provision of adequate care to the persons who are affected. On the other hand, the guidance or spiritual form of care has been regarded or offered to persons despite being much reliant on human-based experiences and beliefs (Kurnat-Thoma, El-Banna, Oakcrum & Tyroler, 2017)). Similarly, the spiritual form of care may be classified as vital care used in attending to patients who have a holistic way of care by nurses. In situations involving the provision of a spiritual form of care, Puchalski (2001) noted that nurses should be after focusing on some cases of dimensions regarding spiritual medications. During the moments of diagnosis, nurses should be after recognizing strengths from the patients and evaluating the real problem faced by the nurses. After carrying out the process, nurses should proceed with the provision of holistic form care as a way of according more assistance towards complete recovery.

 How a community health nurse assist in the spiritual care of the individual, community, self, and colleagues

Advancement in technology during the previous century seemed to have brought changes in medicine’s focus from offering care, service-based model to a technological, cure-based type of model. Technology has resulted in the scenarios of advancement in medicine and has, at the same time, contributed to the capacity of prolonging life. Meanwhile, in the previous few years, Kurnat-Thoma, El-Banna, Oakcrum & Tyroler (2017) noted that physicians had made attempts to balance their respective care through the reclamation of the many spiritual based roots of medicine. To them, they recognize that the modern time’s spirituality had a linkage with health care. Puchalski (2001) added that a disaster often leads to various injuries, damage to the homesteads, and worship places. According to Kurnat-Thoma, El-Banna, Oakcrum & Tyroler (2017), people are endowed with the spiritual form of consideration and faith. Hence, disaster leads to damaging of their roles besides leading to the destruction of their homes. People who are facing disaster at times suffer from an incidence. Flood, cases of earthquakes, plus many others, destroy every aspect besides leading many diseases. Examples of such illnesses brought by the flood are waterborne-based that they are ubiquitous and often lead to a drastic loss of home and severe loss of homes and each associated with living hood. For sure, people, as noted by Puchalski (2001), normally suffer from these diseases.

Finally, a nurse can provide good counseling, proper understanding, and offers encouragement to persons so that they can initiate their respective lives once more (Puchalski, 2001). Nurse, too, can provide medicines with treatment, emergency instances of attention, and many others. 


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