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Stress Relieving Tips for Nurses

5  Stress Management Tips for Nurses

Studies show that 83%of workers in the United States have experienced work-related stress. If you are a nurse then you probably understand this first hand. Although achieving a nursing career is such a great win, we admit that at times burnout is common hence the need for stress relieving tips for nurses guide. 

Nursing houses a variety of duties which mostly deal with patient care. This means that you will be interacting and giving care to different people and with different personalities. While others are cooperative, others not so much. This calls for extra patience and tact. 

Choose Where to Work

Nursing is diverse which is an actual bonus to you. If you have the spirit of adventure then choosing to be a flying nurse will work wonders for you. Imagine flying out to different areas, working with other nurses outside your familiar zone, and exploring new regions. There can never be a dull moment in such a career hence keeping stress away as you enjoy the perks that come with this kind of setting. 

Breathing Exercises

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with work and the stress kicking in then take a few minutes and perform some breathing exercises. You can do this while sitting in a comfortable position or laying down on the floor in a quiet place away from any noise. While at this, clear your mind and only concentrate on breathing in and out. Count the number of breaths, the more you focus on this, the more clear your mind will be. At the end of this exercise, your stress levels will have lowered significantly hence enabling you to carry on with your duties efficiently.


Never underestimate the power of exercise. In your line of duty, expect to work extra and prolonged shifts which will likely burn you out. Remember, while you’re at it, you will be tasked with numerous other duties which require your mind to be alert and sober. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can choose to jog around the building. Alternatively, you can perform light indoor workouts, such as star jumps, sit-ups or, press-ups. Remember, the more fit your body is, the easier it will be to move around and cover more ground during your shift. 


How you spend your mid-shift breaks matters a lot. It could gear you up for the remainder of your shift or contribute to your fatigue. Meditation comes highly recommended for demanding careers such as nursing. It is therefore advisable to take a few minutes of your time, probably during shift breaks, to exercise mindfulness and meditation. This will calm your mind hence enabling you to continue with your shift with a sober mind and renewed strength. 

Performing some yoga workouts before getting to work is advisable as well. These kinds of exercises enable you to prepare your mind for tasks ahead and also keep your mental health in check. 

Mind your Diet

Ever heard of the phrase ‘You are what you eat?’ Well, it is true. Certain foods slow you down while some supply you with constant energy to gear you up all day. Eat only enough to fuel your body. Too much food will slow down your body as all your energy will be directed towards digestion. In this case, you will find yourself dozing, moving too slow and, even forgetting to do things. 

Landing a nursing career is such a great achievement that should never be taken for granted. Remember to pat your back now and then and remind yourself that you are doing a great job. Regardless of how hectic the day has been, do not be too hard on yourself. Additionally, remember to spend your off days doing other things that you love away from nursing as it contributes to stress-relieving tips for nurses. 


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