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Registered Nurse Salaries

Registered Nurse Salaries

Average Registered Nurse Salaries in the United States

How much do registered nurses earn? This is a common question that nursing students often find themselves thinking about. Well, registered nurses receive a median annual wage of $68, 450. The term median wage means that half of the workers in an institution earn more than that amount of money while the other half earn less.

Estimated Registered Nurses Salaries in Various Fields

In the government sector, registered nurses earn a median annual wage of $73,980 while those in state, local and private settings earn $70,590. Registered nurses offering ambulatory healthcare services earn a median wage of $64, 660 while those in nursing and residential care facilities earn $60,950. Last but not least, registered nurses who offer educational services in state, local and private sector earn $59,360.

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Patients in nursing care facilities as well as hospitals require round the clock nursing care.  Therefore, nurses in these settings will be required to work in shifts in order to see to it that nursing care in these departments is sufficient and supplied 24 hours. This means that these nurses will be expected to work night shifts, weekends and even holidays. Most registered nurses working such shifts are usually on call which means that they are on duty and must avail themselves even on short notice. On the other hand, those who work in schools, offices which do not give 24 hour nursing care usually work regular business hours.

Nursing is indeed a prestigious career where one stands a chance of practicing exactly what they are called for. As a nursing student, understanding registered nurse salaries could help you determine which area to specialize in. Before choosing an area of specialty, it is advisable that you first of all understand what that particular area entails.  A registered nurses salary also depends on one’s experience level, whether entry or experienced. The more experienced you are, the better your earnings.

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