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Important Qualities for Registered Nurses

Important Qualities for Registered Nurses

Nursing is considered a calling given the dedication and commitment required. It is therefore highly recommended that all nursing students understand what is expected of them before they sign up. Familiarizing yourself with all the important qualities for registered nurses enables you to mentally prepare for the task ahead. If you happen to possess these qualities then you undoubtedly belong in this field. Alternatively, you can choose to work these qualities in case they don’t come naturally for you. Remember, success starts from the mind.

Top 7 Important Qualities for Registered Nurses

  • Critical Thinking Skills– Every patient is unique regardless of the similarity of their health status with other patients. In this case, a registered nurse should be able to assess changes in the health conditions of their patients. For instance, determining when to make referrals or when to take corrective action.
  • Compassion- Every registered nurse should possess compassion when on duty. They should be caring and exhibit compassion when looking after their patients.
  • Communication Skills. Communication is key between registered nurses and their patients. This way, the RNs will be able to understand their concerns as well as effectively communicate when administering medication.  For instance, how to take medication. Communication is also the key when working with other members of staff within the health facility.

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  • Detail Oriented. It is vital that all registered nurses as they see to it that all their patients receive the correct treatment and at the same time.
  •  Organizational Skills. Nurses often find themselves bombarded with lots of patients with various needs. The organizational skills, in this case, allow them to handle multiple patients at the same time hence ensuring that every one of them receives appropriate care.
  • Emotional Stability. In this field, you will encounter different medical cases and patients who will at times affect you emotionally. By observing emotional resilience, you stand a better chance of dealing with emergencies, human suffering and other work-related stresses.
  • Physical Stamina- Moving around is a task that every registered nurse should be prepared for. Besides this, expect to move patients and medical equipment around hence needing you to be on your feet for long hours.

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