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How to Write Quality DNP Project Papers

A lot of nursing students crowd the web in search for answers on how to write a quality DNP Project paper. This is a project that aims at exposing nursing students to the real world of nursing and all that the issues that pertains to it. This project will allow you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and acquired skill in finding a solution to these problems. You will also be able to show your level of understanding for the special field of nursing that you are studying. If this is your first DNP project that you are doing in nursing school, then you need to be aware that it is one of the most critical projects that you will handle at this point.

Importance of a DNP Project Paper

Studies show that only 1% of the nursing population actually has a doctorate degree. With such a degree in your possession, you stand a much greater chance for career advancement unlike those who don’t. If you are wondering why you should do it, then you should be informed that the number of people taking this program will double in number by the year 2020.

A doctoral degree in nursing opens many doors of opportunity whereby you can be a nurse educator, nurse researcher, nurse anesthetist or better still, an independent practitioner. These opportunities can increase your income in majorly. For instance, a nurse researcher can earn up to $100,000 per annum while a nurse anesthetist stands to earn much more. Nurse educators follow closely behind with reasonable pay as opposed to ordinary registered nurses. Therefore, if you are a BSN holder, this is motivation enough to upgrade to a DNP or even a Ph.D.

Tips on How to Write DNP Project Papers

Before you commence writing your DNP capstone paper, you need to submit a proposal first. This is a short written article that explains how you plan to execute your DNP project. Thereafter, the members of your capstone committee will need to approve it in order for you to proceed. Ensure that your proposal is of high quality and contains clinical relevance.

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Your paper will contain the following segments;

  • The title page in APA style
  • Acknowledgements. This is where you appreciate your committee and institution for assistance, guidance and support.
  •  Executive summary. Inform the reader what your paper is all about and contains more details than the abstract.
  • Problem statement. Explain the existence of the problem as well as its scope
  • Literature Review.
  • Outcome section. Explain your solution to be problems raised in the paper.
  • Conclusion and recommendation. This is a summary of the paper.
  • Bibliography. Document full reference of the sources of the data used on the paper.
  • Appendices. This section is not mandatory but there are instances where you will need to have one.

Your paper should be written in clear and perfect English that is easy to understand. The choice of words is the key so keep in mind that your point of view should be that of a person reporting evidence and not giving personal opinions and feelings.

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