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How to Write a Masters Nursing Paper

We can agree that writing a nursing assignment at the Masters level is quite different from the undergraduate programs. Here, you are expected to show that you indeed understand the basics and can perform nursing duties if presented the opportunity. Precise and flawless writing is essential as it allows nurses to easily communicate with other medical staff, patients and their families. This is actually why nursing students should expect to undertake nursing assignments while at nursing school. Therefore, finding out how to write a masters nursing paper is essential in a nursing student’s journey.

Besides traditional academic styles; expository essays and personal narratives, a masters nursing student should be conversant with writing care plans as well as patient charts. As you advance to the doctoral program, you will learn how to write literature reviews, journal articles, dissertations and research papers. All of these courses are important especially for professionals who are aiming for certain positions such as; program consultants, healthcare directors, and even post secondary instructors.

As a practicing nurse, it is important that you demonstrate objectivity, precision, and your professional writing. You must relay precise information in regards to your patient’s symptoms, care and their medication. When you, as a professional relay proper evidence-based documentation, it can help fellow healthcare professionals to work out new treatment plans. It can even enable them to learn how to settle litigation.

Which Types of Writing Will I have to do in Nursing School?

  • Personal Statements for Nursing School

Besides meeting academic and professional requirements, nursing schools are meant to mold you into demonstrating vast capability for patient care as well as individual connections. Drafting a personal statement is highly advisable even when the application does not necessarily require one. You should view this as an opportunity to describe your credentials, characteristics, goals, life experiences and even volunteer work.

When drafting this, it is important to note that some institutions ask for a general personal statement while in other instances, a specific prompt. Regardless of the requirements, you should always see to it that you portray yourself as an empathetic and determined fellow whose history, characteristics, healthcare philosophy and work ethic are in sync with the program’s value.

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Chances are that you will be asked to talk about a task that you accomplished, a challenge that you overcame in line with your profession or even a goal that you hope to achieve through the said program. You may also be asked to discuss previous experiences that you have had in healthcare. It is here that you should talk about how you provide emotional or practical support to your patient’s loved ones or how you connect with your patients, especially those with chronic illnesses.

  • Exams

Expect a writing prompt in various nursing school examinations; MCAT, GRE, and also course specific evaluations. You may also be required to take exams while applying for professional certification or state licensure whereby you will be required to write one or more long form essays.

  • Research Papers

Unlike essays which require you to relay a certain topic from your own point of view, research papers are more investigation-based. Here, you will be expected to prove your investigation skills using reliable data, opinions, findings, insights, experts’ suggestions.

The difference between an essay and a research paper is that an essay will generally test your critical thinking and writing skills while a research paper will test your research skills, level of knowledge, as well as original contribution. In research papers, you will be expected to show that you indeed understand all the points that have been argued, and also the facts discovered on the topic.

At the graduate or even doctoral level, a nursing student will be expected to produce research papers compiled using independent research and analysis. This is a process that may take months or even years to complete.

When assigned a research paper assignment, it is advisable that you choose a topic that’s relevant to your interest and also one that relates to the overall nursing field. Suitable topics in this case include; patient safety and ethics, nursing shortages and possible solutions, regulations in the U.S, and mental health. No matter which topic you choose, ample planning is the key to a successful writing.

Research Paper Format

Your research paper will consist of;

(a)    An abstract

(b)   Introduction

(c)    Literature Review

(d)   Methods

(e)   Results

(f)     Discussion

(g)    Conclusion

(h)   References

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