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Health & Fitness for Busy Nurses

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If there is a team of professionals who need an active subscription of health and fitness then it is those in the medical field. Health and fitness for busy nurses and doctors facilitate efficiency and can, to some extent, save lives. Think about it, nurses are on their feet almost throughout their entire shift. The more unfit you are, the harder this will be hence making your career a struggle. Studies have shown that nurses who are fit and observe generally healthy practices are more efficient in their work and provide better care to their patients. 

Why is Health & Fitness for Busy Nurses Important?

  1. Stamina to Withstand their Shifts

Truth is that sometimes nurses are required to ensure long shifts which can leave you fatigued and ineffective. This is especially so if you are overweight and generally unhealthy. Incorporating a healthy diet and workouts into your lifestyle will enable you to be swift when moving around hence covering more ground. 

  1. Clear Mind 

Every nurse needs to be of sober mind and emotional health when handling their shifts. You need a healthy mind in memorizing your care plan and additional tasks laid ahead for you during your shift. This greatly contributes to efficiency and saves you a lot of trouble in mixing up medication or handling patients the wrong way. Without a clear mind, you will find yourself without the patience to handle your patients’ needs hence compromising the quality of your work. 

  1. Lower Risks of Illness

Let’s be honest, you need to be in optimal health as a nurse in order to properly give care to your patients. This would be incredibly difficult to do if you are always sick and in need of medical care yourself. Exercises will boost your immune system which will leave you in optimal health at all times. The best thing about adopting a healthy lifestyle is that the results are long-term which will benefit you long after your nursing career. 

How to Achieve Health and Fitness for Busy Nurses

Let’s face it, most nurses barely have ample time to focus on their personal lives, leave alone creating and maintaining workout routines. However, there always is a way as long as proper planning and thinking outside the box is concerned. 

  1. Create a Plan

We understand that you are swamped with work but there always is a way to create a little amount of time for workouts. Waking up 30 mins ahead of your usual time will create room for jogging around the block. Even though you can even create time for the gym, it is important to note that this doesn’t have to be done every day. Hitting the gym 3 or 4 times a week is perfectly okay and with results guaranteed. Schedule this during your off days or when you have half-day shifts. 

  1. Improvise

Did you know that you can do exercises right in the middle of your shifts or in your workplace? You can use your office desk to do some squats or use the room for some press/sit-ups. Use such an opportunity to do star jumps or even stretching exercises. These will clear up your mind and renew your energy hence more efficiency. 

There are many ways that health and fitness for busy nurses can be achieved. All you need is a proper strategy and knowledge on the kind of exercises you need. Although you may struggle in the beginning, consistency will help get the routine created hence enabling it to be part of your lifestyle long term. 

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