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Duties of a Registered Nurse

Duties of a Registered Nurse

Professional success is achieved when a nursing students earns the ‘registered nurse’ title. However, just like any other esteemed position, the duties of a registered nurse are demanding. It is therefore advisable that you understand what is expected of registered nurses.

(a)    Assess the condition of the patients

(b)   Record the symptoms and medical histories of the patients

(c)    Observe the patients and document the observations

(d)   Give medicine and treatment to the patients

(e)   Prepare the patient care plans and contribute information to any existing plans

(f)     Work closely with doctors as well as other health care professionals

(g)    Monitor and operate medical equipment towards the wellbeing of the patient

(h)   Empower patients and their families with information on how to manage injuries and  illnesses

(i)      Guide and explain to the patients on what to do at home after treatment

(j)     Aid in performing diagnostic tests and also analyze the findings

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As a registered nurse, you will most likely work in a team alongside physicians as well as other specialists. In some cases, registered nurses are placed in charge of licensed practical nurses, home health aides and nursing assistants.

The duties and the title of a registered nurse vary depending on where the person works as well as the patients that they work with. For instance, an oncology nurse works with cancer patients while a geriatric nurse works with elderly patients. However, it is common for registered nurses to combine one or more fields of practice. A splendid example of this is a pediatric oncology nurse who chooses to work with both teens and children who have cancer.

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