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Advancement for Registered Nurses

Advancement for Registered Nurses

Looking to venture into the nursing field? Well, you are not alone. In the process of acquainting yourself with all matters regarding nursing, many students feel the need to understand how advancement for registered nurses is like. For starters, it is common for registered nurses to start off as staff nurses in either community health settings or hospitals. Once you gain experience, record good performance, and follow through with your education, you can then proceed to other settings or even be promoted to positions which bear more responsibility.

In nursing, there are many levels which one can advance their career in. In the management department, a nurse can climb up the career ladder from any of these positions; charge nurse, head nurse or nurse manager. Thereafter, they can advance to administrative roles in senior levels, for instance director of nursing, assistant director, chief nursing officer, or vice president of nursing.

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In order to advance to a management level nursing position, one needs a graduate degree in health services administration nursing. For the administrative positions, you will need to master high negotiation communication skills, leadership skills, and good judgment. There are cases where nurses opt to shift to the business side of healthcare. Their experience on a healthcare team as well as expertise in nursing enables them to operate and manage acute, ambulatory, chronic care and home-based businesses.

There also are employers who require registered nurses for positions in health planning and development. These include; insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers among others. In this case, the registered nurses are required for consulting, marketing, policy development as well as quality assurance.

As an RN, you are also at liberty to become a nursing midwife, nurse anesthetist or a nurse practitioner. These positions, along with clinical nurse specialist, are examples of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNS). Any of the APRN positions demand a master’s degree. Nurses who fall under this category can provide primary as well as special care while they may also prescribe mediation in most states. It is also important to point out that some other nurses work as researches in universities and colleges or as post-secondary teachers which calls for a Ph. D. is a trusted online nursing writing company that greatly helps nursing students understand chances for advancement for registered nurses. This way, you will be able to align yourself with the appropriate classes depending on the area that you choose to specialize in.

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