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Month: August 2021

Week 2: Functional Assessments and Cultural and Diversity Awareness in Health Assessment

Countless assessments can be conducted on patients, but they may not be useful. In order to ensure that health assessments result in the necessary care, health assessments should take into account the impact of factors such as cultures and developmental circumstances. Learning Objectives Students will: Analyze diversity considerations in health assessments Apply concepts, theories, and […]
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NURS 6053 Week 1 discussion

Are you looking for a writer to help you write weekly assignments and discussions? We have qualified and experienced writers ready to help you. Week 1: Building a Comprehensive Health History According to a 2011 Gallup poll, nurses are ranked as the most trusted professionals in the United States. One of the most admired nursing […]
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How to Write Quality DNP Project Papers

A lot of nursing students crowd the web in search for answers on how to write a quality DNP Project paper. This is a project that aims at exposing nursing students to the real world of nursing and all that the issues that pertains to it. This project will allow you the opportunity to showcase […]
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Nursing Careers guidance article

Career Advice for Nurses Any form of career advice for nurses is always welcome as you can never have too much information. Nursing is a career where you have excellent job security and many options for the type of career you like to choose from. The choices you make early in your nursing career have […]
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How has nursing practice evolved over time

How has nursing practice evolved over time There is no denying that nursing has changed over the years. Nursing is one of the crucial professions in our society and is fast growing. The nursing profession is constantly evolving in our society, and the expansion of technology has further pushed this evolution forward. When the first […]
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The Evolution of Nursing

Nursing in the Year 1950 vs Nursing Today You don’t need an expert to tell you that there is a big difference between nursing in the year 1950 vs nursing today. Today more men are entering the profession as compared to the 1950s where nursing was only meant for women. However, there is still a […]
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Flight nursing

How to Become a Flight Nurse Are you looking to join flight nursing? Understanding what this field is all about is the first step towards making an informed decision. A flight nurse is a registered nurse who has specialised in the field of providing comprehensive pre-hospital care, emergency critical care and hospital care to flying […]
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Nurse Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the Nursing Workplace You’ll be surprised to know that nurse bullying in the workplace is something that actually happens in some institutions. Nurse bullying is an extensive problem that begins way before nursing schools and continues throughout a nurse’s career. A good percentage of nurses quit their first job due to the negative […]
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Stress Relieving Tips for Nurses

5  Stress Management Tips for Nurses Studies show that 83%of workers in the United States have experienced work-related stress. If you are a nurse then you probably understand this first hand. Although achieving a nursing career is such a great win, we admit that at times burnout is common hence the need for stress relieving […]
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Helpful Nursing Products

Helpful Nursing Products Given the nature of your profession as a nurse, there comes a time when you have to look into helpful nursing products that will make your work easier. These may be designed to promote efficiency or simply to provide comfort as you handle those long endless shifts. However, before diving into a […]
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